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About Stretch For Success
About Stretch For Success

This isn’t the “No Pain, No Gain” kind of treatment.

Clients regularly say “That feels awesome!!!” MyoFascial Stretch Therapy answers the demand for everyone out there wanting to be stretched – all done PAIN-FREE. And the advanced techniques use leverage, making it as easy as possible on the practitioner and creating a wow-factor for clients 😊

What We Do

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Stretch Therapy

Whether you’re looking to upskill your career, meet the demand for clients asking for stretching, or add a new income stream, learning MyoFascial Stretch Therapy may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Get Stretched

Feeling tight and restricted? Wanting to eliminate chronic pain, including sciatica and plantar fasciitis? Wanting improvement in athletic performance, or simply to sleep better? A treatment may be perfect for you.

Your Teacher and Bodywork Practitioner
Our Therapist

Years of experience teaching and working with adults & adolescents

Karen’s knowledge, patience and attitude toward others’ success is at the forefront of her teachings and treatments. She wants you to succeed!

Karen Beanish

Owner & Head MyoFascial Stretch Therapist

What We Do

How clients benefit from MyoFascial Stretch Therapy

A tradie, an athlete, recovering from an injury or surgery, or lacking movement in daily life, MyoFascial Stretch Therapy may be exactly what that person’s body needs.

Improved Movement

Better flexibility and mobility can make even simple tasks, such as putting on socks or getting in and out of a car feel a lot easier!

Elimination of Pain

Quite often, pain is just tightness. Eliminate the pain, and automatically you become a happier person 😊

Improved Athletic Performance

Driving the golf ball farther, running faster, jumping higher, the list goes on…

Improved Sleep

Relaxing the fascia / myofascia relaxes the nervous system. Clients regularly comment on having the best sleep of their lives after a myofascial stretch therapy session.