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How to add 6-Figures to your PT or Bodywork Business with MyoFascial Stretch Therapy

Without a big client list, being good at selling or any physical or mental stress

7pm AEST 7th Feb 2024

Imagine if your life was like this:

This is what’s currently possible for you with MyoFascial Stretch Therapy

You see, pretty much EVERYONE knows they’re not as mobile or flexible as they should be – and often want to be

(Because most people are now living sedentary lifestyles…or are struggling through physical activities and work with a lot of discomfort)

Many people can’t even get on the ground to play with their kids, or at least not without pain.

AND as a bodywork practitioner or PT, the majority of your clients will not be pain free

The thing about pain is it’s often just caused by tightness…and typically the source of the pain isn’t where the actual issue is coming from

This is where MyoFascial Stretch Therapy comes in!

These table-based, advanced stretching techniques work along the MyoFascial meridians that also gets into the joints

(Which can unlock up to 40% of our tightness!)

This helps people to:

And to show you how it all works and how you can add up to 6 figures (or more) to your income with MyoFascial Stretch Therapy…

I’m running a LIVE training, where I’ll share:

Imagine that you could not only help your clients achieve their physical goals…but ALSO enable pain-free movement and improved flexibility!

Let’s face it…many fitness professionals and bodywork practitioners have had real problems making a consistent income, let alone growing it – especially in the aftermath of the lockdowns

Learn how you can turn this all around with this growing, mostly untapped opportunity!

See you on the live training!

Karen Beanish
Founder of Stretch for Success

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7pm AEST 7th Feb 2024